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CCTV-7 is a Chinese free-to-air television channel, owned by China Central Television. Between 2003 to 2019, it has a mixture of agricultural and military programmes.

The National Defense Military Channel of CCTV (CCTV-7, abbreviated as CCTV Military Defense Channel or CCTV Seven Sets) is a television channel which mainly broadcasts military defense programs. It was officially broadcast on August 1, 2019.

The channel is reformatting into an all-millitary programming from 1 August 2019, in time for the founding date of China's millitary forces.All agricultural programming on this channel will be move to the new CCTV-17 on that day, with a national launch date of 23 September.

Xinwen Lianbo (simulcast with CCTV-1 and CCTV-13)

Defense News on mornings and middays

Military Report (军事报道)

Defense Review (防务新观察)

Military Technology (军事科技)

Military Docuymentaries (军事纪实)

Who's the Final Hero (谁是终极英雄)

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