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Life Channel, whose predecessor is Liaoning TV LNTV-6 (Urban Life Channel), was established on January 1, 2002. On October 8, 2004, it was renamed Life Channel.

This channel is mostly an imported program, mainly a life-oriented channel, representing the program "Life Report" on behalf of the column. Representative programs: Liaoning News, Morning Club, First Time, Saying the World, Night News, Wang Gang's Story, News Morning Post, News Forward, New North, Acting, Tonight Blog, Healthy and Light, Sea Hotline, etc.《 Douding rushes forward, Life Report, Mood, Liaoning Intercity Broadcast, Live Broadcast Life, Meeting the Parties, Jiri Start, Dahua Popularity, Uncovering the Mausoleum of Emperors, Zhuangjiayuan, Live Broadcast Life Face to Face, Lao Liang Views the World

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