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Liaoning Film Entertainment Channel Logo

Liaoning Radio and Television Teleplay Channel is a strong ground channel with high coverage, high ratings and high returns, which mainly broadcasts high-quality films and teleplays. It covers 14 cities in the province and has a fixed and extensive audience.

Every year, the channel invests heavily in purchasing the latest, the best, the hottest TV plays and the most classic movies, and takes the lead in the first round of broadcasting in Liaoshen area. Over the years, in Liaoshen area, the TV atmosphere of "new drama, good drama and big drama are all in Liaoning Film and Television Channel".

Movie and TV channel positioning language is "the play is good!" In 2013, there are five major theatres, two cinemas, two column plays, one column and two activities in the channel. The first film and TV drama channel in Liaoshen has been built in an all-round way, bringing the audience a joyful audio-visual feast 24 hours from morning to evening.

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